Model Duplicator

Model Duplicator


  • Giving good instructions
  • Trusting your teammates


  • LEGO bricks
  • One small pre-build LEGO item and another set of identical pieces
  • Something to block the view of the Instructors (or have them turn around)

Setup: Split the team up into two groups (one Builder and one Instructor). A board or box to block the view of the two groups can be used. Place a pre-built item on one side and unbuilt pieces on the other

Instructions to Team: The Instructors must provide instructions to build the LEGO model. The Builders must duplicate this model without looking at the original build.

Notes: This activity was taken from the World Class season of FIRST LEGO League where students had to to copy the “homework” model. Any polybag LEGO build can be used or you can make one up.