Stack Them


  • Achieve better team communication
  • Exercise listening skills


  • 8-10 paper/plastic cups - Handful of rubber bands (preferably different sizes)

Setup: Scatter cups onto the floor, placing them in random positions. Divide team into two groups: one will be Instructors, the other will be Builders.

Instructions to Team: You have four minutes to stack a pyramid using the cups. You may only handle the cups with the rubber bands. Half of you will be instructors and half will be builders. Builders may not talk. You will switch roles in 2 mins.

Notes: Listen to see if your team talks over each other and how they come up with a system of giving instructions to the Builders. Observe how well your team members convey their ideas to one another. Builders often can’t help but talk, even when they are not supposed to. This can result in frustration. Observe how the team works together even in stressful situations.