Piece it Together

Piece it Together


  • Trusting teammates
  • Giving good instructions


  • Any puzzle with a small number of pieces (must be able to complete in 4-5mins)
  • Children’s puzzles work best. You can also make one one your own by laminating paper as in the photo above
  • One blindfold

Setup: Leave the puzzle pieces in random order on the table or floor

Instructions to Team: Pick one teammate to be blindfolded. This person will complete the puzzle with help from the rest of the team. No one else may touch the puzzle pieces. You will have four minutes.

Notes: Listen to see if your team talks over each other and how they come up with a system of giving instructions to the person who was blindfolded.

In the image above, the puzzle was a world map that did not require exact placement to be completed. Students just have to place the continents in the correct relative position.