Act it Out V.1.0

Act it Out V.1.0


  • Coming to a consensus
  • Developing creativity
  • Communicating with each other
  • Making sure everyone has a role


  • Paper
  • Box/hat/envelope to hold paper.

Setup: On strips of paper, write out differnt things/processes your team can act out. Fold them so that the team cannot read them when picking one. Place all of them in an envelope/box or spread of a table.

Instructions to Team: Select one piece of paper without looking at the words on it. Also select one object from the box. As a team, act out whatever is on the paper. You have 5 minutes to plan and act out whatever is one the paper. Your time begins now.

Notes: This Challenge is a test of the team’s imagination and creativity and decision making skills. You can come up many different ideas: fish, airplane, carousel, car, explorer in the jungle, shoe factory, etc.