Marble Run

Marble Run


  • Learn to make decisions together
  • Learn to complete a task on time
  • Learn to follow instructions


  • Paper towel/toilet paper tubes (about twice as many as the number of kids)
  • A ball that fits the tubes
  • A small box/bucket for the ball to fall into

Setup: On strips of paper, write out differnt things/processes your team can act out. Fold them so that the team cannot read them when picking one. Place all of them in an envelope/box or spread of a table. Place the random collection of objects in a box.

Instructions to Team: Create the longest marble run using the materials provided. The ball must fall into the box/ bucket. You may try your contraption only three times before you have to present it. You have 5 minutes

Notes: Watch to see what ideas they come up with to create the marble run (especially since no tape was provided). Also see how they worked together to accomplish the task. Have the team demonstrate their contraption to you at the end of five minutes.