Build in the Bag

Build in the Bag


  • Work together as a team
  • Follow the rules


  • One small LEGO set in a transparent polybag (Do not open the bag.)
  • Building instructions

Setup: On strips of paper, write out differnt things/processes your team can act out. Fold them so that the team cannot read them when picking one. Place all of them in an envelope/box or spread of a table. Place the random collection of objects in a box.

Instructions to Team: Build the LEGO model without opening the bag using the instructions provided. You may not open the bag. All the LEGO must stay in the bag.

Notes: Watch to see how the team divides the task. Does only one person build, another provide instructions, etc? How are all the team members involved? The set given to the team in the photo was a 31-piece set which took about 10mins to build inside the bag. This activity can be done with any set.

Seshan Brothers
Seshan Brothers   Founder of EV3Lessons, FLLTutorials, LEGO MCP, FLL World Festival Champion 2018.