Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards


  • Learn to work together and make decisions quickly


  • A deck of cards

Setup: None

Instructions to Team: Hand the deck of cards to the team and tell them to sort the deck of cards into red and black while you get ready for your Core Value activity.

Notes: Leave the room after the instructions are given, but listen as they make their decisions and complete the task. Return in 5 minutes to tell them that sorting the deck of cards was the Core Value activity and ask them how they did. The goal of this activity is to to teach the team that they should practice core values all the time, not just at competition.

Alternative Version: (This version of this activity was shared by Ruth Ann Francis)

Hand the team two mixed up decks of cards and tell them their task is to sort the cards (in any way they want) in 3 minutes. Discuss what worked and what did not. While the team is chatting, remove one card and have the team repeat the task. At the end of the second sort, ask them if they noticed which card was missing.