Integration Communication

Integration Communication

Core Values Activity: Communicating across groups


  • Learning to communicate between groups


  • Three sets of LEGO bricks
  • You can change the requirements of the models built to match the pieces you have


  • Leave the three sets of LEGO in three different areas of the room
  • Leave the specifications for each item the team has to build with the LEGO:


  • Must carry one “big water” from Hydrodynamics
  • Must use two “rocket engines” (cones w/ four studs on top)
  • Must include two communications arrays (satellite dish-type pieces)


  • Must have a hinged door
  • Must completely contain the spaceship on all six sides


  • Must have four wheels
  • Must have a top area of studs precisely the same size as the Housing’s bottom area, as to make a perfect mating between the two

Instructions to Team:

Slipt up into three groups. One group will construct a spaceship/rocket, one group will construct a “housing,” and the last group will construct a transporter. You can only use the LEGO parts your group has been given. Each of the groups must construct their item following specifications. There are specifications with each set of LEGO.

In addition, one person per group (must be the same person throughout the activity) can be a specialist “Communicator,” moving between groups to talk, but the LEGO has to stay at the group’s position. Therefore, only the Communicator is able to see what each group is building.

Notes: How did the team break up into groups? Did they follow the rules? Did they accomplish the task?

Alternative: Have the Communicators meet in a Neutral Territory at a fourth position, so no one is able to see what was being built by the other team.

This activity was shared by Team 22251 in Corning-Elmira NY

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