Lost in Space

Lost in Space

Core Values Activity: Working together


  • Cooperation
  • Using limited resources


  • Gerhard from INTO ORBIT
  • A paper clip, some string/yarn, a paper bag, a ring/bracelet,
  • Tape


  • Using tape mark a line that the team may not cross
  • Place the LEGO Gerhard at least 6 feet away from this line
  • On the line, place a random collection of objects such as some string, a paperclip, bag, clothespin, pen, stick, ruler, etc.

Instructions to Team:

Gerhard is lost in space and you must rescue him. You and your crewmates must stay behind the line at all times. You may pick any 3 items at a time to help you rescue Gerhard. One problem - your communications systems are down. You can’t speak to each other. Work together to rescue Gerhard within 5 mins. You may pick three items from the pile to use each attempt.

Notes: Did the team follow the rules? How did the team communicate without words?

Seshan Brothers
Seshan Brothers   Founder of EV3Lessons, FLLTutorials, LEGO MCP, FLL World Festival Champion 2018.