Core Values Activity: Making sure everyone has a turn


  • Giving everyone a trurn
  • Following instructions
  • Valuing all contributions


  • 24-piece puzzle
  • Tri-fold board or anything that will block the view
  • Stopwatch


  • Leave puzzle pieces at one end of a table and a barrier at the other. Have all the students at the end of the table with the pieces.

Instructions to Team:

Solve the puzzle behind the barrier. Only one person can touch/transport one piece of the puzzle (and using only 1 hand) at a time. Each person has ony 5 seconds behind the barrier to arrange/put together whatever they can.


Teamwork is not always about everyone contributing in the exact same way in order to achieve results as a team. Some people build puzzles from the inside out and others build from the outside in. Collaboration is about taking all those individual contributions and piecing them together to make a beautiful picture that everyone created together. No one counted the pieces because it didn’t really matter who did what and how they did it. What mattered is that they all worked together, in the way they knew how, and they arrived at the end result together

Variations: Use a bigger puzzle, no talking allowed, transporting to the other side of the table with no hands, two puzzles at a time etc.

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