Saving System:

You can save your scores to a Google Spreadsheet. This helps you keep track of progress over the season. See instructions at the bottom of the page.

Google Sheet ID:

Past saves


The key steps to using the save system are:

1. Sign in to your Google account. You may get a "This app isn't verified" warning. If so, click on "Advanced" and then "Go to FLL Scorer (unsafe)"

2. If you have not created a spreadsheet in the past - click "Create New Spreadsheet"

3. If you have created a spreadsheet in the past, make sure that the Google Sheet ID field is filled and not "undefined". If you wish to share a spreadsheet between devices, you need to enter this ID manually.

4. Any time you want to save a score, click "Save Score" - this will update the spreadsheet with the current score and date

5. If you wish to inspect your spreadsheet and edit it, click on "Open Google Spreadsheet". If you ever need the Google Sheet ID - it is in the URL of your spreadsheet when you open it.

6. You can also retreive a specific past score into the scorer by entering the save number with the "+" and "-" buttons and then clicking the "Load Save:" button

Google saving system is incompatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can either switch to another browser or continue by using the legacy saving system (click above)