Seshan Brothers' Recommended List

Seshan Brothers' Recommended List

While we have a lot of resources on our site, we don’t have everything. There are lots of good resources around. We thought we would share resources other than on our own site that we think will be helpful to others. While the list is not an endorsement of any one resource over the other, we did make sure that every resource reflects our own mission and philosophy.

There are also other alternative lists that might be helpful: Damien Kee, STEMRobotics, and Lego Engineering.

We will update this guide as we find and review resources.

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Materials

INTO ORBIT Challenge: Build Instructions, Setup Instructions, Challenge Guide, and Updates
FIRST LEGO League Blog

Free Curriculum by LEGO Education

LEGO Education: Various curriculum resources created by LEGO Education
Also look at the built-in lessons in the EV3 Programming Software you installed on your computer.

Free Curriculum

CMU Robotics Academy : Complete introductory curriculum for the EV3
STEMCentric: Mostly introductory-level with a few intermediate-level topics.
WAFFLES Community Robotics: Comprehensive block by block introduction to programming by a FIRST team in Canada.
STEMRobotics: Organized repository for educational materials and curriculum guides for MINDSTORMS instructors by Portland State University. A complete curriculum from beginner to advanced created by a FIRST Team and the Champion’s Award Winners of World Festival.

Organization and Planning Resources for FLL Teams

Techbrick: Has worksheets, images and blank templates for use by teams. Resources are updated every season. Information from previous seasons are archived so if you need access to materials from older challenges, you can find them here.
Strategy and Pseudocode Worksheets
FLLTutorials Scorer

FIRST LEGO League Curriculum and Tips

FIRST Steps Lesson Plan for the season
Core Value Activities
Coach’s Corner: Tips from teams around the world New for 2018. Lessons on Robot, Project and Core Values.

Robotics Resources for Scouts

Robotics Merit Badge Requirements
Robot Virtual Worlds Boy Scout Robotics Merit Badge

FIRST LEGO League Forum
VA-DC FIRST LEGO League Listserv
FLL Share and Learn Facebook Group

Stores to buy additional LEGO or MINDSTORMS parts

LEGO Education
LEGO Pick A Brick
Bricklink: For purchasing specific parts and complete sets
Brickowl: For purchasing specific parts and complete sets
Mindsensors: For non-LEGO branded sensors that are compatible with the EV3
HiTechnic: For non-LEGO branded sensors that are compatible with the EV3


Isogawa, Yoshihito. The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Idea Book
Isogawa, Yoshihito. The LEGO Technic Idea Book
Kmiec, Pawel. The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder’s Guide
Valk, Laurens. The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book
Kee, Damien. Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: EV3. Also includes worksheets and challenges.

Challenges/Projects for Ideas and Inspiration

The NXT Step
Dr. E’s Challenges
Dr. Graeme
NXT Projects
Dr. Damien Kee
EV3Dev: Projects that take the EV3 to the next level
LEGO MINDSTORMS Channel: Official Facebook page for MINDSTORMS

MINDSTORMS Competitions

World Robot Olympiad

Seshan Brothers
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