Marble Maze

Marble Maze


  • Coordinating


  • LEGO bricks
  • LEGO plate
  • Marbles of different sizes (or small LEGO balls)

Setup: Have the team work together to design a LEGO maze that will fit a marble. Place the maze and a marble on the table

Instructions to Team: Create the longest marble maze using the materials provided. Make the marble move from the beginning to the end of the maze by tilting the LEGO plate in different directions. Each team member may only place two fingers under the maze. The start is identified with green LEGO and the end with red LEGO.

Notes: If you do not have time for the team to create the maze, you can create one for them. You can also change this activity so that each student can have only 1 finger under the maze. You could require that the team has to sit down for this activity. Change the number and size of the marbles for added fun.

Carrie Koepke   Coach for the Final Elements.