DroidBot Model C

DroidBot Model C

This is one-kit robot design that uses only one EV3 Core set with the addition of a color sensor and a medium motor. Droid Bot Model C is our third generation FIRST LEGO League robot made with one LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Core Set (Set no.45544). The extra elements, a color sensor and a medium motor, were added for line squaring and easy on-off attachments. It has a low center of gravity, an outer wall, and wall-riding wheels. The battery can be easily taken out to charge.

This robot has been designed for teams to learn alternative building concepts that may be useful to consider when designing a robot for FIRST LEGO League. It is not a “perfect, winning, maximum points robot”. Rather, it is meant to be a starting point for ideas and discussion.

Note: This robot is not the “best or perfect robot” for competition. It is provided here for learning purposes so that teams can try and build different models and learn some features from them. If you use it as a base for a competition, be sure to credit the source of the idea (and name the original designer) in your Robot Design presentation and/or Engineering Journal.

Design by Seshan Brothers.

Design Files: Online Build Instructions, Base Robot Design PDF, Generic Attachment Design PDF

Seshan Brothers
Seshan Brothers   Founder of EV3Lessons, FLLTutorials, LEGO MCP, FLL World Festival Champion 2018.