Alternative Programming Languages

Alternative Programming Languages

Did you know that you can use alternative programming languages on your EV3? Here are some useful resources for getting started.

This spreadsheet compares all the Programming Languages available FIRST LEGO League .

EV3 Basic: A textual programming language that uses Microsoft Small Basic with an EV3 extension.
EV3 Basic Introduction by
Udemy Video-based Lessons by Nigel Ward
Teaching with Robots: Lecture Summary
Teaching with Robots: PPTX slides and code
EV3 Programming Using Textual Languages : Supplemental material by Anthony Orme

Swift: A multi-purpose programming language created by Apple for iOS.
Download App from the iTunes or App Store .

Robot-C : A C-based programming language for robotics systems. A Debian Linux-based operating system lets you run many programming languages including Python.

leJOS: A Java virtual machine

OpenRoberta: A free, cloud-based platform for programming EV3 robots.

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