Useful Parts and Where to Get Them

Useful Parts and Where to Get Them

The following discussion has ideas posted on the Facebook Group FLL: Share & Learn .

What are some useful extra parts a team should have? Where can these be bought?

Watch what part the teams use most

Keep an eye out on the sorted bins. The ones that seem to be depleted the most are the parts to replace first.

Where can you buy extra parts

Bricklink, Brickowl, LEGO Education, LEGO Bricks and Pieces, Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon

Buy Technic Sets Technic sets are a great way of learning new building techniques, but also a great source of spare parts.The Bucket Wheel Excavator (LEGO set 42055) represents excellent value for money. There are lots of frames and panels in this set.

Old FIRST LEGO League Challenges

FIRST LEGO League sets have lots of interesting parts in them. Over the last few years, they have even contained many of the new Technic elements for the year. At the end of the season, tournament organizers often sell the used sets. You can also check eBay or FIRST: Buy and Sell on Facebook.

What parts are useful Here are a list of useful parts from Not the Droids You Are Looking For, the World Festival Champions from 2018.

Seshan Brothers
Seshan Brothers