Pit Decorations

Pit Decorations

If your team is invited to World Festival or an International Open, you will have the opportunity to decorate your own pit space. The space varies from event to event. World Festival gives you 10 ft X 10ft pits. Razorback gives you 6 ft X 5 ft pits. Be sure to check on the size and what is or is not allowed.

Some pits are incredibly fancy. Others are more simple. There is also nothing wrong with keeping your pit simple. A table cloth and displaying your poster boards can be just as effective. There is no contest for the best decorated or most expensive pit. Decorate your pit as your budget allows. Often you can get very creative even on a small budget.

The following article incorporates ideas posted on the Facebook Group FLL: Share & Learn .

Represent your country or culture

This team added lots of decorations to represent Japan.

Represent your state

Photo Credit: Fusion Four

This team is from VA-DC area and have lots of decorations to represent the state and capital city.

Represent your team

This team’s pit represents their team name.

Get creative

Photo Credit: Stan Geek

This team had a small pit, but made it seem much larger with a backdrop. A backdrop like this is about USD$20.

Keeping it Simple

Even just a table cloth and the team’s poster boards are just fine.

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